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Essential services exempted from lockdown

English NewsEssential services exempted from lockdown

GUWAHATI, June 27 – With re-clamping of lockdown from Sunday, the government has allowed certain sectors to function as usual and exempted, completely or partially, certain services that are deemed necessary for the people.

The following are the sectors, departments and services that have been totally or partially exempted from the lockdown rules:

1. Defence, Central and State police forces, establishment of the district magistrate, Commissioner of Police, homeguards, civil defence, fire & emergency services, disaster management, electricity, water, sanitation, municipal bodies (only staff needed for services like sanitation, water supply, etc);

2. Hospitals and retail medical establishments;

3. Only 10 per cent of bank branches in the district with skeletal attendance and ATMs;

4. Print and electronic media including newspaper distribution;

5. Telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting and cable services, IT and IT enabled services. However, personnel engaged in these services shall be allowed to work from home only. Only emergency repair crew will be allowed movement subject to prior permission/pass from appropriate authority;

6. Power generation, transmission and distribution units and services shall continue, with persons with specifically assigned duties being allowed to come out;

7. Transportation of essential goods, vehicles of health, fire, law & order and emergency services are allowed;

8. All transport services and movement of people from other districts shall remain suspended except that are connected to COVID functions. Inter-state movement shall also remain suspended except with prior permission/pass;

9. People (inter-state and inter-district movement) holding train/air tickets to and from Guwahati as well to Guwahati will be allowed to move only on production of such tickets at checkpoints;

10. Hotels accommodating quarantined persons, medical and emergency staff, air crew shall operate with skeletal staff;

11. Establishments used/earmarked for quarantine facilities shall operate;

12. All officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and above shall attend office at the Assam Secretariat regularly. Other officers and employees shall be asked to attend office on need-based instructions issued by the seniormost secretary of the department concerned. Directors shall decide on the number of officers and staff to attend for functioning of directorates;

13. Govt officers and employees who are directed specifically by their Controlling Officers only will be allowed with documentary evidence of such permission/orders. The rest of Govt functionaries shall work from home. Only the Govt officers and employees connected with the aforementioned exempted categories would be allowed to come to office/workplaces;

14. Milk, baby food, medicines and water supply are allowed at specific areas and times;

15. Railway offices and persons directly linked with operation of passenger and goods trains shall be allowed to operate on being so assigned;

16. Continuous process industries would be allowed to function, subject to workforce staying in the premises and outward/inward movement during the lockdown shall not be allowed;

17. Only identified petrol pumps and gas agencies would be allowed to be operational. LPG agencies shall distribute products at the domestic customers’ homes only;

18. Petroleum products to other districts would be allowed to move through highways;

19. Agriculture and tea garden activities shall continue with social distancing;

20. Lockdown permission/passes issued earlier stand cancelled. Fresh permission/passes shall have to be obtained from competent authority.

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