August 10, 2021

Farmers Observe ‘Shradhanjali Diwas’ For Those Who Died During Protest

Farmers protesting against the three agri laws have threatened to block Ghazipur border between Uttar Pradesh and the national capital today. The warning to intensify protests comes amid assurances from the government on the minimum support price (MSP) for their agricultural produce, a concern repeatedly raised by the farmers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused opposition parties of betraying and misleading farmers and supporting the protests to promote their own agenda.

“If anyone has any concerns, then with our heads bowed, our hands folded, with humility, we are willing to allay their fears. Talk about MSP ending after the new laws is the biggest lie ever. I want to assure every farmer across India that MSP is here to stay,” PM Modi said while addressing farmers in Madhya Pradesh on Friday.

Demonstrators today will also pay tributes to more than 20 people who have died since thousands started camping near Delhi borders since late November.

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