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First Happy Fridge installed in Ganeshguri area, Guwahati

English NewsFirst Happy Fridge installed in Ganeshguri area, Guwahati

In a bid to fight hunger and poverty, Feeding India NGO has kickstarted an initiative and has come up with the idea of installing community refrigerators in different parts of India.

The first community refrigerator of Guwahati have been installed in the city near Chai Break, Ganeshguri –Zoo Road, Guwahati, Assam.

In these community refrigerators, people can store surplus food or can donate food to the needy. Not only food clothes will also be available which will be totally free of cost.

Water suppy system has also been installed for with proper hygiene.

They have named the community refrigerators, ‘happy fridge’.

“The Happy Fridge is our community intervention to reach the moving labour populous. Challenge Happy Fridges are address: Provide the moving blue collar labour populus access to food and nutrition, without hurting their dignity. Awareness about food wastage and hunger at a community level”, an official said.

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