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First Runner up title in the “Miss and Mrs inter-nations 2018 : Exclusive Interview.

English NewsFirst Runner up title in the "Miss and Mrs inter-nations 2018 : Exclusive Interview.

1) Hello Maam, First of all we would like to congratulate you for winning the first runner up title in the “Miss and Mrs inter-nations beauty pagent 2018 “. Our viewers would like to know more about you

Namaste, I am Sabnam Lahkar born & brought up in Tezpur, Daughter of Late Bikash Jyoti Lahkar and Champa Lahkar. Now I am settled in Mumbai due to my profession.

2) Can you tell us where you studied ?

I have completed my secondary education from ” Tezpur government Girls higher secondary M.p school ” .

3) We came to know that you are a good Dancer ? Can You tell us more about it ?

At the age of 4 my parents introduced me to dancing and acting, since then i have been participating in National and International Dance and Theatre Competition all over India.
At the age of 15 i recieved best Semi Classical Dancer Award in Odissa Multi Langual Dance Competition 2007 and i have received a good number of prizes at State Level Competitions. All the credits goes to my Mom and Dad because of them i was able to convert my passion into profession, without their support this couldn’t be possible for me.

In 2011 I lost my dad and then i decided to do something in dancing field. I believe that one should have sufficient knowledge about their profession before starting career in that profession this is the reason, i moved to Kolkata at the age of 17.
I went through a lot of problems but i never gave up, From each problem i have learned something new which always helped me to take another step towards my goal.

Later on I completed my professional dance diploma from “Ajazz Academy of Performing Arts”, Kolkata.
4) How did you join South Indian Film Industry ? Can you please share ?
As i have already informed you my journey to Kolkata. After kolkata i moved to South Film Industry, Hyderabad. That was the first step and thats how i started my Career.

I gave my 2 years in South Film Industry as a Background Dancer and Assistant Choreographer. Then i got a offer from Mumbai Bollywood Film Industry, it was a great oppurtunity as well as achievement which actually changed my life.
This turning point gave me what i wished for. From 2014 I am working in Mumbai Bollywood Film Industry as an Assistant Choreographer and Personal Celebrity Trainer and i become an International performer too. Then I planned to do something more in my life. I started my own company, a brand that is “Dance Like A Star” and started my first Bollywood Dance class/ Academy in Singapore. From Singapore I have received so many good response from live shows ,workshops and classes. Thats how I got an opportunity to enter in the field of Modeling from Miss and Mrs inter-nations beauty pagent. Without looking back I stepped forward and joined the contest and fortunately I received Miss Best Talent Inter-Nations 2018-19 & also First Runner up Miss Inter-Nations 2018-19. I have learned alot from this Pagent and this Contest changed my life too. I would like to thank the organizers Bhavna Bhel and Menika Mishra for giving me this amazing opportunity.

5) what message would you like to convey to all the females through Guwahati Times Media ?

I’d like to give a message to all the women in this world- please come forward and do whatever you wished for. Don’t hesitate to speak up in front of the world. Don’t hide your talents show it whenever you got the opportunity.
Thank you.

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