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Flood Management | Assam Engineer Invents ‘Floating House’

English NewsFlood Management | Assam Engineer Invents ‘Floating House’

JN Khataniar, a city-based engineer has invented a new idea for the flood-prone areas of Assam, West Bengal, and Bihar. ‘Floating house’, which could be used by the people of the flood-prone areas.

The house is being designed as a model with pre-engineered light gauge steel frame structure (LGSFS) over a platform having no foundation, fixed to PVC chambers and having less weight and cost less.

Above the LGSF platform, the house will be constructed as per plan and design based on floor area requirements by using LGFS techniques.

Above the floating platform, there will be provision for Bio Toilet, one storeroom for safe storage of food materials, rainwater collecting chamber for drinking purpose, and space for keeping domestic animals during the flood periods along with solar power panels on the sloped roof to get electricity which is green in concept.

This entire pre-engineered system shall have four anchor post made of RCC in four corners having RCC foundations of required depth, all are connected with tie beams to act as a single stable structure having inclined supports for more stability. The height of the anchor tower shall be depended on the probable highest flood level of the areas.

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