Gossaigaon AAMSU Anchalik committee formed,Unit-Members not fully Agreed upon selection of President & Secretary

Gossaigaon,April 7-Gossaigaon AAMSU anchalik committee is formed today at Gossaigaon with the presence of 14 branch committee.Meeting was organised for reformation of new Gossaingaon anchalik committee where most of the organisation’s members did not support the elected president and secretary but the Kokrajhar district committee appointed the new members without the consent of the majority.
“Almost ten units supported the former president and secretary but the district committe had a secret meeting among them and selects the new body illegally which might be for their own interest” said the ex president (Gossaigaon anchalik AAMSU).

He further mentioned that the new body was made by a conspiracy without the consent of most of the units which created an unwanted situation and the members moved from the meeting.
Besides Motiur Rahman Pramanik,ex secretary mentioned that 10 units dissatisfied by their decision and situation collapsed which bound them to move from there.He also requested the central committee to look into this matter for permanent solution. #aamsu #gossaigaon

Rafiqul Islam Report- Guwahati Times

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