Guwahati boy Ishaan Jain sets record of maximum numbers of Jumping Jacks in 30 secs

GUWAHATI: A 16-year-old boy from Guwahati, Ishaan Jain has successfully broke the world record of maximum numbers of Jumping Jacks in just 30 seconds.

Ishaan broke the previous record which was 68 Jumping Jacks in 30 seconds to 69 Jumping Jacks. He have already received the National recognition for his achievement in the India Book of Records and Continental recognition as well in the Asian Records.

Ishaan has mailed the Guinness Book of World Record his record breaking video, and is now waiting for the response from their end.

Guwahati Times Media congratulates him for his success and effort and encourages more young talents like Ishaan Jain.

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