A 12-year-old boy has set a new benchmark by getting selected for the post of a data scientist at a software company here.Siddharth Srivastav Pilli, a class 7 student of Sri Chaitanya school was selected for the position at a software company named Montaigne Smart Business Solutions, after being encouraged by his parents from an early age.“I am 12 years old and I work as a data scientist in a software company called Montaigne Smart Business Solutions. I study in Sri-Chaitanya Techno Schools in the 7th Class. My biggest inspiration for joining a software company is Tanmay Bakshi because he got a job in Google at a very young age as a developer and is helping the world understand how beautiful the Artifical Intelligence (AI) revolution is,” Siddharth told ANI on Monday.Thanking his father for getting him interested in coding from very small age he said, “The person who helped me a lot to get a job at a young age is my dad, who used to show me different biographies and teach me coding. Everything I am today is because of him.” (ANI)

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