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গোৰোহা ফটাৰ সমস্যা? জানি থওক উপশমৰ উপায়….

শীতকালত বহুতৰে ভৰিৰ গোৰোহা ফাটে৷ এই সমস্যা...

হাত-ভৰি জিনজিননি হোৱাটো হ’ব পাৰে গুৰুতৰ ৰোগৰ লক্ষণ

বহুতৰে প্ৰায়ে হাত আৰু ভৰিত জিনজিননি হৈ...

হিকতিৰ পৰা পৰিত্ৰাণ পোৱাৰ সহজ ঘৰুৱা উপায়

সাধাৰণতে পানী কমকৈ খোৱা বা মচলাযুক্ত খাদ্য...

Illegal saw mill busted at Kampur

AssamIllegal saw mill busted at Kampur

Under special pursuance as well as instruction of Bhaskar Deka, divisional forest officer, Nagaon, the protection squad led by protection range officer Rajen Saikia carried out an operation at Jodupothar near Sankarpur area under Kampur forest range early on Monday morning and also busted an illegal saw mill at Jodupothar near West Karbi Anglong and Nagaon district border.

During the operation, the forest personnel as well as the protection squad dismantled the illegal saw mill and brought all machineries, generator sets as well as other tools to the office of the division for further legal proceedings. Besides, the officials concerned and staff also seized huge quantities of timber being secretly kept in a nearby jungle, sources added.

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