India Awaz Foundation to plant one tree for each pledge they receive

Observing the World Environment Day, around 200 youths across the country on Saturday took pledge to safeguard the environment in the Indian Awaz Foundation’s  “Gift For Future” virtual campaign. In the campaign, the youth pledged by holding a placard and uploaded a picture of it on their social media in order to raise awareness towards a sustainable environment. In return to the pledge, the Indian Awaz Foundation with the sole objective of  “pledge to plant” is going to plant one tree for each pledge they received.


To balance the perpetual hegemony of man over nature, the foundation came up with this unique campaign wherein youths mobilized themselves on various social media platforms. The foundation is going to plant one tree for one pledge in the flood-prone areas of Assam. Md Nazim Ahmed,  Founder, Indian Awaz Foundation said the theme of the campaign stresses on the basic need to take a step forward and tag along other people towards achieving the goal of safeguarding the environment. He said, “The primary focus is to spread awareness of our environment and to remind  ourselves of our significant role in contributing to the earth.” 

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