Indian man takes his ‘Deity’ Trump worshipping to another level, welcomes Trump in India

GUWAHATI: First he had a shrine with the photograph of the US President Donald Trump prostrating and performing ‘puja’ rituals around it. Now, 31-year-old Bussa Krishna took his worshipping of Trump to another level by installing a statue of his hero, whom he treats as ‘Deity’, as filmed in Konney Village in India’s Telangana state on Saturday.

“I spent around 2,000 US dollars on the statue. I built it on my own money. I asked my parents and told them that I like Trump very much and conveyed my wish of installing the Trump statue on his birthday. I told them even if I die I want to die as a Trump fan. My parents then agreed to support me”, said Bussa Krishna.

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His rituals with the statue became popular after he posted a video reportedly attracting attention of the US president himself.
But, as Krishna said, his admiration of Trump has faced some criticism. “Many people called me mental and asked me if I have a problem.

All those people don’t bother me at all. In this world anybody can like anyone. I love and like only Trump”, said Krishna.

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