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নগাঁৱৰ জামুগুৰি দঘাট চুবুৰীৰ ২৪০ বছৰীয়া নামঘৰৰ প্ৰতিষ্ঠা দিৱস

নগাঁৱৰ জামুগুৰি দঘাট চুবুৰীৰ ২৪০ বছৰীয়া নামঘৰৰ প্ৰতিষ্ঠা দিৱস

15-year-old government vehicles will be scrapped: Nitin Gadkari

Union minister Nitin Gadkari today (November 25)...

কেঁচা পনীৰ খালে হয় এই চাৰিটা লাভ, নিয়ন্ত্ৰণত থাকে ওজন!

পনীৰ ভাৰতীয়সকলৰ প্ৰিয় ব্যঞ্জনবোৰৰ ভিতৰত অন্যতম। পনীৰ...

Key announcements: PM Narendra Modi

English NewsKey announcements: PM Narendra Modi

GUWAHATI: Key announcements made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his fifth address to the nation in pursuant to COVID-19 outbreak.

• Laying emphasis on the production of N95 masks and PPE kits, Modi said, “When the crisis started, no PPE kits were being manufactured here. Now, every day 2 lakh PPEs and 2 lakh N95 masks are being manufactured. This has only been possible because we have managed to convert a crisis into an opportunity.”

• PM Narendra Modi announces a special economic package worth Rs 20 lakh crore “Land, labour, liquidity and laws – all aspects will be dealt with. MSMEs also taken into account in this package,” the PM said. The Finance Ministry will give the details of the package starting tomorrow.

• Indians have to be ‘vocal about local’. PM Modi said the coronavirus will be a part of everybody’s lives for a long time. “Coronavirus is going to be part of our lives for long time, in this hour of crisis, local suppliers have met our demands; Indians have to be ‘vocal about local’ and buy products from them,” Modi said.

• Lockdown 4.0 will be different, with the implementation of new rules. PM Narendra Modi said the next lockdown will be different with new rules and people will be informed about it before May 18. The present lockdown will come to an end on Sunday. ‘Lockdown 4′ will be different and have new rules; you will be informed about it before May 18,’ he said.

• Talking about self reliance, Modi said India will stand on five pillars – Economy; Infrastructure, Tech-driven System, Vibrant Demography and demand. He said India has resources and talent and it will make the best products, improve quality and supply chain.

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