December 7, 2021

Madhya Pradesh BJP Minister Says She Was Born In ‘Gobar’ & ‘Mitti’ So Corona Can’t Touch Her!

In yet another bizarre comment made by an Indian minister over the coronavirus pandemic, MP Imarti Devi believes she is immune to COVID-19 because she is born in gobar (cow dung) and mitti (mud).

“I am born in mud and cow dung. Corona cannot come to me,” Imarti Devi, Minister of Women and Force Development of the state, told reporters angrily amid rumours doing rounds that she has tested positive for the infection.

She even pointed to her mask, hanging by the chin, saying she is wearing it forcefully.

The video of the minister making these remarks has gone viral on social media.

Imarti Devi’s confrontation with the media is supposed to have taken place on September 3 when she had gone to meet BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia at his residence.



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