Maharashtra Forest Dept airlifts 63 turtles from Pune to Assam

Maharashtra Forest Department airlifted 63 turtles of rare species from Pune to Assam on Thursday.

The turtles belong to rare species found in Guwahati, according to a press note by the Maharashtra Forest Department.

It includes rare species of Indian Roof Turtle, Crowned River Turtle, Brown Roof Turtle, Spotted River Terrapin.

The turtles were with the Indian Herpetological Society and Rescue Charitable Trust in Pune.

The turtles will be handed over to Turtle Survival Alliance and the Assam forest department.

The Maharashtra Forest Department has said that it is the first such occasion wherein rare species of turtle are being sent by a flight to release in their natural habitat to other locations.

They will be handed over to Turtle Survival Alliance and Assam Forest Department, after which they will be released into their natural habitat. (ANI)

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