Karbi Anglong: In a major operation on the occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the Karbi Anglong police took a significant step against drug abuse by destroying a large quantity of seized narcotics.

The operation, carried out at Brick Bhatta located on the 7th Mile of the Diphu-Manja Road in Karbi Anglong District, aimed to combat the menace of drug abuse and illicit trafficking prevalent in the region. The seized illicit substances, including heroin, ganja, opium, and more, were burned, with an estimated market value of over Rs. 48,40,05,900.

Sanjib Kumar Saikia, SP Karbi Anglong, stated, “On the occasion of International Anti-Drugs Day, under the initiative of the Assam government, we have confiscated illegal drugs like heroin, ganja, opium amounting to almost 48 crore rupees.”

The destroyed narcotics included:

  1. Heroin: A total of 11.262 kilograms of heroin, dealing a significant blow to the distribution networks that enable the abuse of this highly addictive drug.
  2. Ganja: The destruction involved a staggering 1718.784 kilograms of ganja, addressing the illicit cultivation and trade of cannabis in the region.
  3. Opium: 66.568 kilograms of opium, a dangerous substance derived from the poppy plant, were eliminated, reducing the availability of this illicit drug.
  4. Crystal Syabu (Methamphetamine): Approximately 5.238 kilograms of crystal meth, commonly known as “Syabu,” were burned. This highly addictive stimulant poses a significant threat to public health.
  5. Morphine: The operation also witnessed the destruction of 0.949 kilograms of morphine, a potent painkiller often misused for recreational purposes.
  6. Cough Syrup: Alongside the illegal substances, 358 bottles of cough syrup, which are often misused as a recreational drug, were disposed of during the operation.
  7. Tablets: A total of 85,068 seized tablets were destroyed, demonstrating the extensive efforts to combat the distribution of illicit pharmaceuticals.

In a separate operation in Bokajan town, the authorities seized and destroyed illegal drugs, including:

  1. Heroin: A total of 585.99 grams of heroin were seized in Bokajan, contributing to the ongoing efforts to eliminate the distribution networks of this dangerous drug.
  2. Ganja: The operation also targeted 15.142 kilograms of ganja, addressing the cultivation and trade of cannabis in Bokajan.

These operations by the Karbi Anglong police reflect their strong commitment to creating a drug-free society and ensuring the well-being of the local community. The destruction of these narcotics highlights the significant financial and societal impact of the illegal drug trade, estimated to be worth over Rs. 48 crores.