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Meet Nilanjana Sen, top 3 contestant from Tripura for Miss India 2022; Exclusive Interview

InterviewsMeet Nilanjana Sen, top 3 contestant from Tripura for Miss India 2022; Exclusive Interview

Nilanjana Sen from Tripura has made it among the top contestants of her state for the upcoming Miss India 2022.

Sen is a student and an actor by profession. She is a bachelor’s in Psychology, English and Economics. She did her schooling at Holy Cross School, Agartala and college at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

Her Hobbies include writing, dancing, playing Ukelele, baking, and teaching. Her favourite actor is Tom Hanks and her favourite actress is Meryl Streep. Her role model is Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Speaking about her favourite food, she said, “it keeps on changing, but currently it’s mixed fried rice.”

Since when have you been modelling and How you came into modelling? 

I have been modelling for over a year now and I came into it because of my friends – they encouraged me for it.

How do you feel about being selected among the top contestants of your state ?

I feel honoured, elated and speechless at the same time.

If you get the chance to represent your state, what do you want to do for the people of your state?

My state is overflowing with talent – there’s beauty and brilliance in every corner of my beautiful state, Tripura. If I represent my state, I hope to encourage them to explore themselves and their talents more and actually get into the fashion industry. People in this industry are super welcoming and they want more and more people from the North-East to act and model for them.

What do you think about ‘Modelling as a career?

I have always been an actor and my one and only dream in life is to become an actor – be it in theatre or films. ‘Modelling as a career would be something I would do on the side – without letting it take my focus off acting.

How does your family support you in your modelling career?

My parents have been brimming with pride since my selection into the top finalists for my state. It took a little convincing on my part, yet as soon as they saw the determination in my eyes and how much I was ready to sacrifice for my career in Mumbai – they jumped on board and have been more eager than me for my future. They let me shift to Mumbai, sacrifice my stable career option and just let me be. Their faith in me is the only thing that I would ever need – apart from the blessings from God.

Speaking about her future plans and ambition, she said, “I hope to be a successful actor someday.”


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