Meet Projesh Das- Mr Guwahati 2021- Overall sports physique title winner

Projesh Das bagged the Overall sports physique title in 9th Mr. Guwahati 2021 All Guwahati Body Building and Physique Sports Championship. The competition was held at AT R.G Baruah Kalakhetra , nursery, Guwahati on 27th November 2021.
In an exclusive interview with Guwahati Times, Das said, “I did my schooling from Shrimanta Shankar Academy and college from Delhi University. I am from Dispur, Guwahati.”

Talking about his bodybuilding career, Das said, “I am into bodybuilding for 8 years. I feel extremely awesome and I want to thank my coach Ahmed Raja Sir and my parents, gym mates for supporting me.”

Message for people of Assam:
My message for all the youths of Assam is that do engage yourself in physical activities as an empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

And if you are into fitness you will have good immunity and this will help you to fight many deadly diseases.

Earlier, I have won Mr. Guwahati twice 1-time gold and a 1-time gold overall.
Mr. Assam twice bronze medal winner.
India classic double crown.
Junior Mr. India 2nd place,
Speaking about what he wants to tell the government, Das added, “I just want to request the government to look into the matter and help the athletes because we go through various obstacles and hardships. So, I just want to request the government to help the athletes in any kind or with any financial help. That’s all.”
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