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Mizoram Celebrates Palm Sunday

English NewsMizoram Celebrates Palm Sunday

Mizoram celebrated Palm Sunday amid festive fervour with children taking out processions in different parts of the state early morning.

Chants of ‘Hosanna’ echoed towns and villages as people commemorated the entry of Christ into Jerusalem on the last Sunday before his crucifixion.

Special prayer services were held in the churches of different Christian denominations across the state.

With devotees engaging in mass, singing hymns and offering prayers, Aizawl wore a deserted look as only a few vehicles were seen on the roads.

Locally known as ‘Tumkau Ni’, Palm Sunday could not be celebrated in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Although worship services and prayers were held to mark the day in 2021, children could not take out processions, except a few places in Aizawl and some villages.

Processions by children carrying palm leaves, chanting ‘Hosanna’, is  an integral part of the Palm Sunday celebrations in Christian-majority Mizoram.

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