Naba Kumar Sarania claims to win by 8 lakh votes in No 5 Kokrajhar LS Constituency

Guwahati Times,Gossaigaon,18 April:As times passes all the candidates election campaign are in full swing. Naba Kr Sarania is also not left behind.To attract voters attention he organised an election campaign in Shimultapu Bazar,Gossaigaon subdivision today.

“I didn’t need to campaign because all people are camping and no option left except torchlight since torchlight is there own,still we have turn up to raise their confidence,a conspiracy is being made by different opponent parties. ” said Naba Kumar Sarania the independent candidate of 5 No Kokrajhar LS seat.

He further added that this season he is sure enough to win with a margin of 5 lakh vote which might cross 8 lakhs.

Rafiqul Islam Report- Guwahati Times

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