February 2, 2021

New Foot Over Bridge turn red, Spit Stains Found

GUWAHATI: With people urinating, littering, and spitting in public, civic sense holds no meaning to some.
Just a few hours after the foot over bridge’s inauguration at GS Road in Guwahati, spit stains were observed at the newly constructed foot over bridge.
Authorities have requested Guwahatians to think before doing such work as these over bridge belongs to the public.

“We are ashamed of people who claim themselves to be educated but without any civic sense and spitting here and there. These people should be booked and hefty fines slapped on them so that people in the future think twice before spitting on road dividers, streets and other public places,” a resident said.

“This happened yesterday night. We are trying to clean the stains now. We will try to trace the culprit through CCTV footage and their pictures will be made public. This happened within 12 hours of the footbridges inauguration,” said a Policemen.

The bridge was inaugurated on Monday by Assam Health, Finance and Education Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma at a sanctioned cost of Rs. 10,06,71,000. Equipped with Automated Elevator and Ramp approach for Divyanga Person, Two-way escalator, Granite Flooring, Stainless Steel Railing, Aluminium Composite Panelled Ceiling, Dynaroof Roofing, 2 staircases, Open space and Gardening, the foot over bridge has been made with Swiss technology.

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