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Noida Metro allows coaches to be booked for birthday celebrations

English NewsNoida Metro allows coaches to be booked for birthday celebrations

Noida Metro allows coaches to be booked for birthday celebrations. Here’s how you can do it

Here’s how to book

1. People can request more than one coach and up to four coaches in a train, authorities said. To initiate the booking, they will have to follow the process of submitting a physical or online application to NMRC at least 15 days in advance and they will be considered on a first come first serve basis.

2. The NMRC is offering four categories depending upon the need for a running or static or decorated or undecorated coach. The first category for Rs 5000 will provide an undecorated non-moving coach and for Rs 7000 one can get a decorated static coach for the duration of the event.

3. If one shells out Rs 8000, the NMRC will give them an undecorated coach in a regular moving train making round trips from Sector 50 to Depot Station. In the most expensive category, the same moving coach will be allowed decoration. The fees mentioned in the form exclude taxes.

4. The moving coaches will be provided during operational hours while the static coaches can be given during non-operational hours till 2 am, said an official.

5. The cost of the decoration has to be borne by the applicant and can even use the services of empanelled vendors of the NRMC.

6. The NMRC will also allow services like magicians and temporary tattoo artists among others as long as guidelines of the 2002 Metro Act are met. However, magic candles and sprays will not be allowed while candle lighting can only take place under the “supervision” of NMRC staff.

7. In addition, the NMRC will provide a centre table, a dust bin, and a housekeeping member, and the event can hold a maximum of 50 people.

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