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বুধবাৰে নিশা হাতীগাঁও অঞ্চলত এটা ভুৱা আন্তঃৰাষ্ট্ৰীয়...

Arunachal Pradesh: Landslides in Itanagar

Incessant rainfall has wreaked havoc in Arunachal...

Not Scared Of “Modi Voting Machine” Or “Modi Ji’s Media”: Rahul Gandhi

English NewsNot Scared Of "Modi Voting Machine" Or "Modi Ji's Media": Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today took a swipe at the electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in elections and also at a section of the Indian media, saying he wouldn’t be perturbed by them in his war of ideology.

“Whether it’s MVM (Modi Voting Machine) or Modi ji ka media (Modi”s media), I am not scared of them…Truth is truth, justice is justice. I am fighting a war of ideology against this man. We are fighting against their thoughts. We will defeat their thoughts,” he said at an Araria election rally in Bihar today according to a PTI report.

In 2019, too, Mr Gandhi had cast aspersions on the EVMs saying the Election Commission had capitulated before “Mr Modi & his gang”.

In Araria today, he said, “Narendra Modi says unpleasant things about me in his meetings. However, much hatred they try to spread, I always try to spread love. Hatred cannot defeat hatred, only love can. I won’t budge an inch until I defeat Narendra Modi.”

Earlier in the day, addressing a Madhepura rally, he hit out at Prime Minister Modi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for not helping the distressed people of Bihar during the coronavirus lockdown, and yet seeking votes from them now.

“If the prime minister of India had any place for farmers and labourers in his heart, he would have died instead of doing what he did during the lockdown. Entire Bihar knows this,” he said, also attacking the two NDA leaders over job creation, PTI reported.

“When youths today ask Nitish Kumar during his public meetings about the jobs he had promised, he threatens them, chases them away and gets them thrashed,” Mr Gandhi alleged.

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