Our successes in space exploration should be mirrored in new frontier of deep sea: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday stated that India’s success in space exploration should now be “mirrored in the new frontier of the deep sea.”

“Our successes in space exploration should now be mirrored in the new frontier of the deep sea. We need to explore, map and responsibly harness the vast oceanic resources of water, energy, food and minerals,” Prime Minister Modi said here while addressing the 107th session of Indian Science Congress.

He added, “We know from science that the potential energy, the silent form of energy, can move mountains by its conversion to the kinetic energy of motion. Can we build a science in motion?”
The Prime Minister also mentioned that India “must also develop a long term roadmap for sustainable and environment-friendly transportation.”

“Another important point I wish to make is the significance of ‘Make in India’ in medical devices to bring the fruits of advances in diagnostics to our people. Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’,” the Prime Minister said.

In order to promote wellbeing, we should not only practice some of the tested traditional wisdom but also continuously enlarge its scope by introducing the modern tools and concepts of contemporary biomedical research, he said.
“Our vision should be to protect people from the threats of dangerous communicable diseases like Nipah and Ebola. We must work overtime to fulfil the promise to eradicate TB by 2025.

Globally, India is the leader in the supply of vaccines. We aim to develop India as a world-class 100 billion dollar bio manufacturing hub by 2024. This will happen with the right policy initiatives and support to innovative research, human resource development, and enterprise,” Modi said.

In a message to young scientists, Prime Minister Modi said, “My motto for the young scientists in this country has been – ‘Innovate, Patent, Produce and Prosper’. These four steps will lead our country towards faster development.” (ANI)

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