Private vehicles including 2 wheelers barred in Kamrup(M)

GUWAHATI: Private vehicles including 2 wheelers barred in Kamrup Metro except for Medical emergency for the next 2 weeks.

Rikshaws, auto-rickshaws and cabs to operate with proper sanitization.

However , people going to offices( if they are included in 30% of workforce) , may take their private vehicles. They will be checked by Police .

The Chief Secretary when asked, why Private vehicles are not allowed while those can be more safe than public vehicles said, “allowing private vehicles will lead to a tendency of going around without any proper reason just to have a outing which actually happened during the previous unlock leading to massive rise in cases in Guwahati.” Hence The Chief Secretary urges people not to come out of their home if it’s not very important. He also mentioned that all those using such vehicles must show ID-CARDs of Valid working organisations with special clearance on the issue of “30% availability of workers”. Therefore, Private Vehicles are permitted for work and emergency purposes with valid identification documents.

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