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Arabic words and letters found in tree leaves in Assam.

English NewsArabic words and letters found in tree leaves in Assam.

Guwahati: In a shocking incident, locals have found words of Arabic alphabets, specifically “Allah” in tree leaves.

There have been various reports of such incidents in Assam.

On Wednesday pictures of Golaghat and Lahorighat went viral in Social Media.

On Thursday locals of Sixmile, Guwahati have reported the same incident from their area. Prints of the word “Allah” are visible in a banana tree leaf.

After a little research we found out that this happens because of an insect named white fly.

Whiteflies typically feed on the undersides of plant leaves. More than 1550 species have been described.

Aleyrodidae are small insects, most species with a wingspan of less than 3 mm and a body length of 1 mm to 2mm. Many are so small that their size complicates their control in greenhouses because they can only be excluded by screening with very fine mesh; in fact they can enter mesh so fine that many of their natural enemies cannot come in after them, so that unchecked whitefly populations in greenhouses rapidly become overwhelming.

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