Senior Pediatrician Announces Free Treatment for Children Who Lost Parents to Covid-19 to Mark 50 Years of his service

Dr Gokul Bora, a renowned Pediatrician of Assam, has announced free medical treatment for children who lost their parents to Covid-19. Dr Bora made the announcement to mark his 50 years of service as a Pediatrician.
Dr Bora has selflessly contributed to building a healthy and sound society. He has made several noteworthy contributions to the medical field in academic articles and research papers. Some notable ones include his writings for Child Health in Medical Encyclopedia (Biswakosh) in Assamese language Volume XIII (Health and medical science).
On the occasion he said, “ I am glad that I have completed 50 years of my professionally journey, it’s time to give something more to the society, so I have decided to provide free treatments to children who lost their parents due to Covid, I will be available at BORA CHILDREN’S CLINIC, R.G. Baruah Road, Guwahati from Monday to Saturday.”
Shri Bora is a popular pediatrician who is loved by his patients for his humility and simple lifestyle. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Shri Bora continues to treat the weaker section of society free of cost and provide them with free medicine whenever possible. His presence in the medical field and his uplifting actions has brought laurels to this land and continues to do so.
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