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Shoplifters Wore Watermelons On Heads, Posed For Pics Before Theft

English NewsShoplifters Wore Watermelons On Heads, Posed For Pics Before Theft

A pair of shoplifters were photographed wearing watermelons on their head while robbing a convenience store in Virginia, US. The bizarre pics were shared on Facebook by Louisa Police Department on Saturday, where they have gone viral and left many amused. 

According to police, the two shoplifters were filmed arriving at a Sheetz store in a black Toyota truck wearing hollowed out watermelons with eye holes. Their unique disguise in the age of face mask initially amused onlookers, and the two even posed for a photograph at a different store before they proceeded to “commit a larceny.”

While their disguise may have captured eyeballs, it was ultimately unsuccessful. On Sunday, the police shared an update saying an arrest has been made in the case. Take a look at their viral post below:

Since being shared online, the post has been shared over 5,000 times, collecting more than 1,000 comments. One of the most-liked comments came from a Facebook user who revealed that the two “melon heads” had posed for a photograph for him on the same day. The photo shows the two felons in the same clothes they wore to Sheetz 


“I’ve got to say though, they get an A+ for creativity,” wrote one Facebook user in the comments section. 

“Well they couldn’t find a mask anywhere!” another quipped. 

“When you let everyone walk around in masks sooner or later someone was going to take advantage,” a Facebook user remarked. 

This is not the first time a thief has been filmed in bizarre disguises. In 2018, police in Maryland caught a thief who used a transparent plastic bag to ‘conceal’ his face. 

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