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Sushant Singh Rajput death: Locksmith who opened bedroom door on June 14 reveals what happened

English NewsSushant Singh Rajput death: Locksmith who opened bedroom door on June 14 reveals what happened

Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging at his Bandra residence on the morning of June 14. A locksmith was called when Sushant Singh Rajput didn’t open the door of his room despite repeated phone calls and door knocks. In a sting by India Today Television, the locksmith, Mohd Rafi Shaikh, who broke the lock of Sushant Singh Rajput’s bedroom, revealed details of what happened on June 14.


Locksmith: I was called up to break the lock of the room.
Reporter: Where was the lock? Which lock did you break?
Locksmith: The bedroom lock
Reporter: The lock was of the bedroom?
Locksmith: Yes
Reporter: What kind of lock was it? Was it a handle lock? Or a lock and key one?
Locksmith: It was a computerised key lock
Reporter: How did you break a computerised key lock?
Locksmith: I broke it with a knife and a hammer. After breaking the lock, the moment the door opened, they did not let me see anything and asked me to go.
Reporter: Who asked you to go?
Locksmith: There were four…three or four people there. I don’t know their names.
Reporter: How much money did they give you?
Locksmith: I had told them that since it is a computerised lock, it is tough to break and will cost around Rs 1,500- Rs 2,000 to break it. They said it is okay, money is not an issue.
Reporter: What happened then?
Locksmith: After breaking the lock, the moment the door opened, they asked me to take my stuff and go. They did not let me see anything.
Reporter: Was the police around at that time? Did they call the police?
Locksmith: No, there was no police.
Reporter: Had the police come by then?
Locksmith: The police was not there.
Reporter: There was no police?
Locksmith: No
Reporter: The lock was broken without the presence of the police?

Reporter: Those people weren’t scared about what had happened?
Locksmith: No, they didn’t seem to be scared.
Reporter: And?
Locksmith: They didn’t seem to be scared.
Reporter: You are saying that those people saw the body first?
Locksmith: No, I didn’t even know what was inside. I did not know anything.
Reporter: Tell me one thing, when you went over there, on what floor was the house? How did you go inside?
Locksmith: It was on the 6th floor. On the 6th floor, they have a duplex flat.
Reporter: Okay, then?
Locksmith: I broke the lock of the upper floor room.

Reporter: The people inside were not scared? That there is a body in the house or something like that?
Locksmith: From their faces they didn’t seem to be scared.
Reporter: Okay, faces of all four?
Locksmith: Yes
Reporter: They were relaxed?
Locksmith: Yes
Reporter: What time was it?
Locksmith: It was around 1:30 or 1:45
Reporter: In the day time?
Locksmith: Yes
Reporter: You went twice?
Locksmith: Yes, I went there twice.
Reporter: What did you see the first time?
Locksmith: The first time I went and opened the lock. They called me, I went, broke the lock, and the moment I broke it those people didn’t let me see and asked me to take my stuff and go. Then I came back. After one hour, the police called me and asked me to come back to where I had just broken the lock. So, I went back.
Reporter: When you were called to break the lock the first time, were you aware that the flat belongs to Sushant Singh Rajput?
Locksmith: No, I didn’t know. I got to know when I went there the second time after the police called me.

The Sushant Singh Rajput death case is being investigated by the CBIThe Special Investigation Team of CBI reached Mumbai on Thursday.

The CBI took over the Sushant Sigh Rajput death case after the Supreme Court’s order on August 19. While the Mumbai Police declared Sushant Singh Rajput’s death a suicide and registered an Accidental Death Report, the late actor’s father, KK Singh, filed a complaint at Patna’s Rajiv Nagar Police Station. Based on the complaint, an FIR was filed against Rhea Chakraborty, her family, Sushant’s employee Samuel Miranda and manager Shruti Modi.

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