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Team I Love Bongaigaon launches cleanliness drive in Bongaigaon

English NewsTeam I Love Bongaigaon launches cleanliness drive in Bongaigaon

Guwahati: The team members of I Love Bongaigaon on Sunday launched a cleanliness drive to collect the stray idols lying along roads, trees, and dispose them in an eco-friendly manner.

Speaking to Guwahati Times, a team member said, “Days after the festivities, residents leave these idols in public places including local byelanes. This is not the proper way and is a form of disrespect to God. So, we took this initiative to clean the streets and show respect to the idols by bidding them a final goodbye.”

Some residents said that this was disrespectful to the deities. “Disposing of religious idols on the roads is as good as putting them in the trash bin, because that is where it will eventually land up. This is disrespectful to the deity. People should not forget their civic responsibilities,” said a local resident.

The initiative is aimed at keeping the city clean and green. Also, to create awareness among the people and stop them from disposing idols on the roads.

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