November 7, 2018

US midterm elections 2018 UPDATES

The Democrats have secured the needed 218 seats to win control of the House of Representatives in the crucial midterm elections while President Donald Trump’s Republican Party retained its majority in the Senate, an outcome likely to intensify the political bitterness and fighting between the two major parties in the run-up to the 2020 presidential poll. By capturing the House of Representatives, the Democrats may exert a major institutional check on Trump and break the Republican monopoly in Washington.

Trump, who campaigned aggressively in the last several weeks, expressed satisfaction over the results and described this as a tremendous success.

Votes were counted after millions cast their ballots to elect members to both houses of Congress—the House of Representatives (lower house) which has 435 seats and the Senate (upper house) with 100 seats. The midterm elections, held every four years, is seen as a referendum on the President. The outcome will determine the next two years of US President Donald Trump’s presidency.

In the outgoing House, the Republicans had 235 seats while the Democrats 193. The new House would come into being from  January 2019.

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