Viral Sexual Assault Video: Why was the girl tortured? who is the victim?

Guwahati: Even woman are not safe from woman, and this viral video case involving one woman in physically assaulting and raping a girl proves that.

Bangalore Police on Thursday arrested all five culprits of the heinous gang rape case from Bengaluru according to Bangladesh security agency.

The interrogation was done based on the viral video. Since, as revealed the victim is in a neighbouring state, a Bengaluru police team has been dispatched to trace her so that she could join the investigation.

The accused are from the same group and are believed to be from Bangladesh. Due to financial conditions, the culprits brutalised the victim, and she was brought to India for trafficking. Reportedly, the victim was getting all her documents ready for the past few months in order to travel to Saudi Arabia, but went missing around three months ago. Bangladesh authorities suspected the girl was staying in India.

The victim is a 22-year-old young women who was tortured and gang raped by 5(including one woman) at NRI Colony six days ago.


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