November 8, 2018

WhatsApp Stickers Packs, Private Reply, and Other Features WhatsApp Has Introduced Recently .

WhatsApp has had a pretty busy year, and we are not just talking about the fake news menace. Apart from taking several measures to curb the spread of fake news on its platform, WhatsApp has introduced a bunch of features on its platform recently — group video and voice calling, stickers support, and even payments option this year. We take a spin down memory lane to recap on all the new features WhatsApp has introduced in the past three months. This includes the new stickers rollout, Picture-in-Picture mode and Swipe to Reply for Android users, new notification extensions and the new Silent Mode as well.

List of New Features Introduced by Whatsapp

Private Reply for Android beta users.

WhatsApp Stickers.

Silent Mode for Android users.

Picture-in-Picture video feature for Android users.

WhatsApp Group video, voice calling.

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