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Why America is protesting over the death of George Floyd

English NewsWhy America is protesting over the death of George Floyd

New Delhi, June 01: Protests spread across the US for a sixth day over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

Floyd, who died by an officer kneeling on his neck, spurred anger over other recent cases involving African-Americans in the nation.

At least 40 cities have imposed curfews and National Guard members have been activated in 15 states and Washington, DC, according to the report.

Donald Trump calls Minneapolis protesters ‘thugs,’ vows action

The officer was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter but protesters say that the charge isn’t harsh enough, and are also demanding charges for the other officers involved.

What happened to George Floyd
Floyd last week was pinned to the ground by police officer Derek Chauvin while being arrested for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a shop.

In footage of the arrest, Floyd can be heard saying he could not breathe, before he is seen being lifted into ambulance.

Reportedly the police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes as he told them “I can’t breathe”.

Popular as “gentle giant”, he moved to Minneapolis after being released from prison and was known as a who was trying to turn his life around.

Father of a six years old daughter Floyd was a talented athlete and particularly excelled in football and basketball at school.
He was sentenced to five years in prison after being charged in 2007 with armed robbery in a “home invasion”.

Though the concerned police officer Chauvin has been charged with murder and manslaughter and three other officers involved in the incident were sacked, people across America have taken to the streets to vent their frustrations over the lack of value for the lives of black people in the country.

Meanwhile, the US continues to be the worst hit country by coronavirus as at least 1,790,191 Americans have contracted the virus and 1,04,383 have died so far.

US officials have expressed their concern that the virus could spread in a fatal way during the countrywide protests.

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