21-year-old Guwahati girl fiercely raped and murdered

A horrible incident has come out of a girl being raped in the Basistha area of Guwahati. 21 years old girl was being kidnapped on 10th April while returning home from a tailor shop where she works.

After 2 days of her missing, her body was finally found nearby a field of her house. She was brutally raped and murdered. Her body was in decomposed manner and was half burnt and face acidified.

According to her family, she was talking to her lover while coming home when he heard the sound of her scream after which the phone disconnected. He then tried calling her but couldn’t reach her. Later he informed his parents. They filed an FIR the same day but the police started mocking saying she eloped with her lover. They didn’t give importance to the case. When asked to the police, they denied their negligence stating it is a complicated matter and hints needed to be gathered first

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