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8 Gorgeous Indian Female Pilots On Instagram Who Are Ruling The Skies

English News8 Gorgeous Indian Female Pilots On Instagram Who Are Ruling The Skies

GUWAHATI: Being a pilot is definitely hard. It is without a doubt one of the most difficult jobs on Earth. Pilots are in charge of making sure the plane takes off, goes to its destination, and lands safely, let alone all the responsibility for the lives of more than 100 passengers. Back then, being a pilot was considered an entirely men’s job. We barely had any woman flying a plane. But times have changed, and women are now ruling the sky. And the percentage of women choosing a career in aviation is only growing these days.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to some of the most gorgeous and skillful Indian female pilots who will win your heart.

Sruthi Laju: The Instagram account of this beautiful young pilot is just soaked with positivity and inspiration. When Sruthi is not flying, her adventurous spirit breaks free. She can’t imagine her life without dancing and running. And she’s always up for discovering new things that will inspire her to live life to the fullest.

Indian Female Pilots On Instagram | ZestRadar

Rashmi Sharma: As her bio on Instagram reads, Rashmi is “roving the Universe with the enthusiasm of a firecracker”. And that is absolutely true. If you check her Instagram page, you’ll see that this girl is like a bundle of joy that sparkle positivity all over herself.

Indian Female Pilots On Instagram | ZestRadar

Jassi Kapoor: Currently flying the big metal monster A320, Jassi uses her Instagram account to show her followers the behind-the-scenes of working as a pilot/captain. In her posts, she talks a lot about Indian Aviation in terms of women empowerment. Did you know that Indian Aviation is probably one of the fairest workplaces in the world in terms of gender equality? It employs the largest percentage of women pilots in the world.

Anjna Singh: Anjna’s love for the sky and her work borders upon frenzy. This beauty is crazy about flights, planes and height. In her own words, she can never get bored of the magnificent beauty of planes. And I can’t judge her…There’s something magical to piloting the big metal beast.


Indian Female Pilots On Instagram | ZestRadar

Dhanashree Bhosale: This girl’s spirit is flying high. With her posts, she inspires others to live life to the fullest without giving a flying F-word about what other people think of you. And don’t forget to SMILE – because you know, it’s the key that fits the lock of everyone’s heart.

Indian Female Pilots On Instagram | ZestRadar

Deepthi Srinivas: Despite loving the sky with all her heart, Deepthi is confident that no matter how high we fly, we belong on the ground. And I couldn’t agree more! She always manages to find a minute to enjoy the moment in the hecticness of airport life.

Ritu Rathee: A skilled pilot, happy wife and proud mother – this beauty has it all. Ritu gave birth to a baby girl Beta not so long ago, but she’s already back to surfing the skies. She manages to find a perfect balance between the hard work of being a pilot and being a mother. You go girl!

Indian Female Pilots On Instagram | ZestRadar

Meghna: This mother of two will surely give you some insights on how to raise kids and be a first-class pilot. Being a commercial pilot, she flies both National and International flights. There is a link to a very inspirational video in her Instagram bio where she talks on how to become a pilot in India. You should definitely check it out!

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