September 14, 2018

Afghani Charlie Chaplin determined to make people laugh

Asir, a 25 years old youth from Afghanistan has been able to grab the limelight with his magnificent performances, immitating the famous 19th century caricature artist Charlie Chaplin.

According to Asir, he is no different from the other impersonators of Charlie Chaplin, whose prime moto is to make people laugh, leaving them forget about their grief.

He says that he has been threatened by militants as according to them, his performaces are un Islamic and he has been de motivated by his family too. But, despite all the threats Asir has received so far, he is determined to carry on his performances in the coming days just to give his countrymen a chance to forget their problems such as war, conflicts and insecurities that prevails in Afghanistan, alteast for a moment.

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