August 28, 2021

COVID-19 created in God’s supercomputer, it decides who will get infected: Assam MLA

A minister in Assam has claimed that that th Covid-19 was a creation of God’s supercomputer, which decides who would get infected with the virus and who would die of the deadly disease.

Chandra Mohan Patowary said this on Wednesday at an event to distribute financial assistance to beneficiaries under a state government scheme for widows of Covid-19 victims at Amingaon in Guwahati.

“Nature has decided who would get infected, who won’t and who would be taken away from Earth. This is happening from God’s supercomputer, which is not man-made. The computer decided on sending COVID-19 virus to Earth with 2 per cent mortality,” said Patwory.
Patwory also added that the World Health Organization (WHO) and its scientists had failed to find a medicine to eradicate this virus and nature had started a war against humanity.
“Where are the scientists who lectured everyone on Covid? They failed to find a medicine to eradicate it. People are dying even after taking the vaccine. Nature has control over this disease and only it can rectify it. We started a war against nature and has started a war against us too,” said the senior minister. (ANI)

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