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Congress Confident to Win all 14 Lok Sabha seats in Assam

Guwahati: The Congress party in Assam is...

এইখন চহৰত সাধু-সন্তসকলৰ বাবে আছে বিনামূলীয়া বিউটি পাৰ্লাৰ

জটা হৈছে সাধু-সন্তসকলৰ আটাইতকৈ ডাঙৰ পৰিচয়। স্পষ্টকৈ...

বিদ্যুৎস্পৃষ্ট হ’লে কি কৰিব?

মানৱ দেহটো এশ শতাংশই বিদ্যুৎ পৰিবাহী৷ ফলত...

Dust storm hits Guwahati; see pics

English NewsDust storm hits Guwahati; see pics

A heavy dust storm-lashed Guwahati and many other parts of the State on Wednesday.

Sandstorms can paralyse an entire economy, cause road accidents, ground aircrafts, and jam radar and electronic systems, with consequences for agriculture that are still poorly assessed as well as serious long-term health impacts. Exposure to dust of a few microns can cause conjunctivitis and dermatological disorders.

Effects: Inhalation of dust can cause asthma, respiratory diseases such as silicosis, and cardiovascular diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema.

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