October 6, 2018

Endangered species of lions die from unknown diseases in Western India

After the report of atleast 23 rare species of lion deaths in India owing to some unknown diseases and some after getting infected by a certain virus, one of the top biomedical research bodies of India urged the government to take appropriate measures regaring safety of rare Asiatic lions from any sort of virus related diseases.

According to sources, 5 of the last remaining species of Asiatic lions were found dead in the Gir forests of Western India after getting infected by the Canine Distemper virus a few days back.

Concerned by the death ratio of the lions, at least 33 lions were kept under isolation in terms of keeping them away from the virus and around 300 shots of a vaccine for the CDV virus were imported from the United States to the country recently.

It will be important to mention here that an epidemic caused by the same virus exterminated around 30 percent of lions inside the Seregeti forests of East Africa in 1994

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