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Four months to NEET 2021: Here’s how to score 650+

English NewsFour months to NEET 2021: Here's how to score 650+

New Delhi: NEET is one of the most challenging competitive exams in the country. It is the gateway to an aspiring medical career. Since the competition is tough to get through the exam, you have to prepare with utmost dedication.

The NEET syllabus is vast, so you need to spend at least six months to master it to get a good rank. To attain success, you need to believe in it rather than aiming for the results. This article provides you with exclusive strategies to crack NEET Exam 2021 while also focusing on your Board Exam Preparations.

* An extensive view of the syllabus

The first and foremost thing to begin with NEET Exam 2021 preparation is to understand the syllabus. The word “syllabus” doesn’t end with knowing the name of the topics and chapters, but you should have a detailed view of the weightage for each topic. By having a clear understanding of the weightage, you can devise a study plan, prioritize the certain topics and allocate time optimally.

You can find the list of important topics for Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Oswaal NEET Question Banks. These books have previous 33 Years’ Questions of NEET and AIPMT arranged Chapter-wise and Topic-wise to facilitate focused study. In addition to this, they also have the latest NEET 2020 paper fully solved.

To buy these NEET books, click here: https://bit.ly/2MNaKnu

* The Ideal NEET Books

Finding the right reference books for Physics, Chemistry and Biology can be a pain stacking task. Won’t you feel lucky if you find all the best books for NEET at one place?

Yes, NEET Question Banks with 33 Years NEET Previous Years Question Papers has worthy content for you to prepare for the NEET Exam 2021 effectively. These NEET Question Banks helps in in-depth practice of questions; Chapter-wise and Topic-wise.

Apart from these books, you can use NCERT textbooks to get profound knowledge on every subject. Since, most of the questions in the examination come from NCERT textbooks, you must make sure to complete each and every question and topic given in the books.

* Draw up a strategic study plan

After purchasing ideal NEET Books, now it is time for you to strategize your study plan. Instead of focusing on the bigger goal, which might overwhelm you, you can break them down into small chunks of tasks.
Seize the day and utilize the time at the moment; schedule a weekly study plan. First, follow the study plan for a week; if it works, continue. Else be open to tweaking the study plan according to your convenience.

* The Mock Examinations (Mock Test for NEET)

NEET experts strongly recommend students to revise the concepts in the middle of the preparation. Don’t wait till the end of the syllabus completion to take up the mock examination.

Once you have learned a topic, be ready to take up a test on it. After taking up these tests, don’t skip evaluation and interpretation. Analyze which questions/ topics you couldn’t answer correctly.

Identify the reason behind it and tackle those areas smartly through multiple revisions. Oswaal NEET Sample Papers has 15 Sample Papers (Mock Test for NEET) for thorough practice. With this, the book also has Subjective Analysis and Answer Keys. It will also simplify revision and help in longer retention with the Mind Maps, Mnemonics and Concept Videos given in the book.

Stay confident and positive

Above all, it is your mindset that will help you to crack NEET Exam 2021. The majority of the NEET toppers reported that they remained positive, confident, and, more importantly, believed in themselves that made them clear the exam. So, you may use these tips to crack the NEET Exam 2021. All the best!

Since the last 40 years, Oswaal Books is striving to make learning simple and accessible for students across the country. Through Oswaal NEET Question Banks and Sample Papers (Mock Test for NEET), Oswaal Books aims to help all NEET aspirants crack the exam and come out with flying colors. (ANI)

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