Hagrama Mahilary misleading BTC fund through his political power- Pramod Boro

Gossaigaon,April 11-BTC development schemes are misused by Hagrama Mahilary for BPF party’s political interest says Pramod Boro in a public meeting that took place in Srirampur yesyerday evening.In support of UPPL nominated candidate Urkhao Gwra Brahma the ABSU prominent leader Pramod Boro further says that the present BTC government has been misleading its people and misusing BTC development’s 5000crore fund with some fake and illogical promises since past fifteen years without doing which ought to be utilized to welfare of society which resulted the lack of development towards social,economical and educational sectors.To the contrary in collection of votes he is seen distributing blanket and mosquito nets which will destroy the democracy if such things repeat again.

Also he questioned about the properties that Mahilary made for himself doing politics which certainly includes corruption. #bodoland #bodo #gossaigaon #kokrajhar


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