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Interview: Miss India 2022, top 10 Assam Finalist Krishna Kaveri Kakoty

InterviewsInterview: Miss India 2022, top 10 Assam Finalist Krishna Kaveri Kakoty

Sivasagar model Krishna Kaveri Kakoty has been selected among the top 10 contestants from Assam for Femina Miss India 2022. The winner among the top contestants will represent the state in the upcoming beauty pageant.

Kakoty is currently working as a professional model and pursuing her BBA From Delhi. She did her schooling at Fuleswari Girls Higher Secondary School, Sivasagar.

In an exclusive interview with Guwahati Times, Katoty said that her hobbies include Cooking, Gardening and travelling.

When asked about her modelling career, she said, “Since 2016 I am into this field. I am working as a freelance model in Delhi. I have worked with designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Satya paul, Raj Mehtani and many other famous names.”
“My mom encouraged me to join Modelling”, Kakoty added.


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How do you feel about being selected among the top contestants of your state?
I guess every girl from childhood gets fantasised about the shows and ramps and then it’s like dream maybe one day you can walk a ramp where the whole country watches you and cheers you up. My proudest feeling would be to put a smile on my parents.
So my friends supported my idea to try in the Miss India contest and supported me to give it a shot.

She further said, “I was actually surprised that I got the confirmation mail stating I got selected to represent both Delhi and Assam. All my friends and family members were proud of that moment.”

If you get the chance to represent your state, what do you want to do for the people of your state?
As we all know Assam has many tiny villages located nearby the river Brahmaputra, and during monsoon times they all get flooded and it is a big issue for both the people and the country’s economy.
If I get an opportunity, I would like to address this problem and gather a team of experts to solve this issue.

Moreover, Assam is abundant with wildlife and still many species are perishing slowly. So, I would like to take strong measures to save our prideful natural resources.


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A post shared by Krishna kakoty (@iamkrishnakakoty)

p style=”text-align: justify;”>What do you think about ‘Modelling as a career ?
Modelling as a career isn’t easy at all, it might look like just a few poses and ramp walks. But to be honest, maintaining both the mental and physical state isn’t easy as it supposes to be. You get both discouraged and encouraged at the same time. You will face a lot of competition and criticism too. During such times we too need supportive friends and family.

How does your family support you in your modelling career?
My mom was always there for me from the very start of my school days. She is always proud of me and presented me to her friends as her pride. She never said no to any dresses or accessories that would help me compete during those early days. She lived my dreams and goals along with me.

Future Plans:
My future plan is to start up my own modelling venture where I would offer my helping hands to the underprivileged girls of my state and try my best to provide education and self-awareness.

Who is your role model?
My mother is my role model.

Favourite Actor, Actress:
Leonardo DiCaprio & Vidya Balan.

Favourite Food :
Pura Aloo Pitika(Assamese Dish).

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