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প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰী মোদীয়ে মুকলি কৰিলে উত্তৰ-পূবৰপ্ৰথমখন বন্দে ভাৰত এক্সপ্ৰেছ!

প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰী নৰেন্দ্ৰ মোদীয়ে মুকলি কৰিলে উত্তৰ-পূবৰপ্ৰথমখন বন্দে...

জালুকবাৰীৰ দুৰ্ঘটনাই প্ৰাণ কাঢ়িলে AECৰ ৭ ছাত্ৰৰ।

মহানগৰীৰ জালুকবাৰীত নিশা সংঘটিত হ’ল এক...

নতুন সংসদ ভৱনত প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰী নৰেন্দ্ৰ মোদীয়ে মুকলি কৰে ৭৫ টকাৰ মুদ্ৰা।

নতুন সংসদ ভৱনত প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰী নৰেন্দ্ৰ মোদীয়ে মুকলি...

Kokrajahr: Meeting On Flood Preparedness Held In Parbatjhora Sub-Division

AssamKokrajahr: Meeting On Flood Preparedness Held In Parbatjhora Sub-Division

A meeting was held in the office chamber of the sub-divisional officer of Parbatjhora sub-division on Tuesday regarding the issue of flood that happens in different parts of Parbatjhora sub-division of Kokrajhar district during monsoon.

The circle officer of the Bagribari circle office and in-charge of SDO (civil) of Parbatjhora sub-division Devajyoti Gogoi discussed the problems in this regard with officials and staff of various departments.

She emphasised on field-based studies in the region in advance and especially urged the officials to be vigilant about the problems that can occur during floods, such as: shortage of drinking water, food, health, crops, transportation, etc. The NDRF and SDRF do not have any office in Parbatjhora subdivision which is a long-standing shortage of the area.

In the meeting, i/c SDO (c) Devajyoti Gogoi along with assistant commissioner Ajitav Bhaumik, block primary education officer Ekabar Ali, superintendent of food and supplies Dharmeshwar Das, sub-divisional veterinary officer Dr Bhanurani Kachari as well as Dalim Kumar Marak, Anupam Brahma, Azad Ali, Mostafa Hussain, Abu Bakkar Siddique, Sirajuddin Sheikh, Dhritiman Basumtary, Mangaleshwar Chaudhary, Dhaneshwar Brahma, etc., were present from various departments.

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