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KSYWB provide 10-day martial arts training programme to young girls

English NewsKSYWB provide 10-day martial arts training programme to young girls

The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board (KSYWB) organised a 10-day long martial arts training programme called ‘Penkaruthu’ for young girls of the state.

In a bit to bring women empowerment, Kalaripayattu training programme provided the girls with the techniques of self-defence.

“It was a pleasure to teach girls. They are learning the techniques very quickly. We came here for the ten-day training programme and they are catching the movements. We are also teaching them some lock for self-defence. The techniques of hitting back, punching are taught,” a woman trainer told ANI.

The students say the training brought out the confidence and potential within them.

“We never thought we will be given these kinds of training. When we were taught the locks for self-defence we didn’t know there was so much courage within us. Instead of telling us to take precautions we were taught how to fight crime.

With this, I have realized that we have that capability and energy to attack someone if something happens. We can also save the girls around us,” said a student.

“The trainers here have done a great job and I’m confident enough to save myself and help others too,” she added. (ANI)

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