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Meet Faithki D’za Sangma Kyndiah; Miss India 2022 finalist from Meghalaya

InterviewsMeet Faithki D’za Sangma Kyndiah; Miss India 2022 finalist from Meghalaya

Faithki D’za Sangma Kyndiah is among the top 5 finalists for Miss India 2022 from Meghalaya.

Speaking about herself in an exclusive interview with Guwahati Times, Kyndiah said, “I was Born in Downtown Hospital Guwahati, Assam, and raised in Shillong, Meghalaya.
I am currently pursuing my BBA. I did my class 12 from Loreto Convent, Shillong. And currently, I am studying at Amity University distance learning, Noida. Planning to also take up another course.”

“My hobbies include baking, cooking, reading and watching historical biographies, leaning especially towards Egyptian history, I am fond of going out on a venture into any new place and I’m always looking for new things to learn. As the saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none..is better than a master of One” I definitely live up to the saying, although unexpectedly,” she added.

“As a girl of 18, I am very young and new to the modelling and fashion world. As a little child, modelling as a career was a dream I wished to chase however, growing up and entering my teen, I wasn’t quite sure it was to be a possibility. As surprising as it may sound, I have had no modelling experience prior to the auditions for Miss Femina India 2022, and by the grace of God I was selected as a state finalist, it was truly a dream come true, and a delightful surprise for all,” Kyndiah further stated.

How do you feel about being selected among the top contestants of your state?Being selected as a state finalist for both Assam and Meghalaya, is really something I will forever cherish. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to be where I am today, and getting the chance to represent two beautiful states. It is a memory I will forever keep and an experience that can’t be replaced. I only hope for the best, and I am sure all the beautiful, gorgeous girls who were selected as state representatives feel the same. Being chosen is a blessing, a wonderful and beautiful gift and I am beyond grateful for it.

If you get the chance to represent your state, what do you want to do for the people of your state?
If I were to be given a chance to represent my state, I would work towards the betterment of the state not only outwardly but also internally. I would like to work towards providing value education and services for all people despite of age or gender. I would love to be an example and prove to everyone how they too, are capable of making a change in their own little way. Giving hope, love, care and to break barriers in different issues prevailing in not only our state but the whole country as well. Breaking and ending sexist, gender inequality, casteism and racism thoughts and actions and instilling a new mindset to show how we can all live in peace and harmony, together and citizens working as a team is the best gift the state can ever receive. I wish to work for our growth, our future and our beautiful lives. In our own little ways, we can all change the world.

What do you think about ‘Modelling as a career?
“Modelling as a career” is absolutely a beautiful career. Working for what you love is a beautiful thing, and if modelling is what you love go for it and do your best! Anything you put your heart and mind into can be something beautiful. Being a model, does not merely mean posing for pictures or walking on a ramp, it means setting an example, being a role model and working towards the future for you, your people, your state, your country and your world.

How does your family support you in your modelling career?
Having had my father pass away, and Being raised by a single mother, I was taught to be independent. My family is truly the sole example of a supportive team. They have been with me since day 1 and continue to learn and accept my choices, correcting me when I’m wrong along the way, but standing by my side and giving me their whole love and support. They are truly irreplaceable and I could never ask for anything else.

Future Plans:
I plan on completing my studies, having a successful career in modelling and work for the betterment of my state in any way I possibly could. I wish to impart education and awareness to all, regarding various issues that are prevailing in the world and how we too, can help in our littlest of ways in making every situation a better one.

Who is your role model?
There are many role models I look up to and hope to carry on their good work. My no.1 role model is my mother, who works so hard and selflessly to provide and care for me and all my family. I also look up to Mother Teresa, who’s good work and charity is beyond compare.

Favourite Actor, Actress:
My favourite actress has got to be something I work on as I do not have an answer yet, while my favourite actor is Leonardo Dicaprio and his “rags to riches” life, through hard work and commitment is inspiring to me.

Favourite Food:
My favourite food depends on my mood, however, my favourite cuisines are Indian, Italian and Mexican!

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