MLA Ramendra Narayan Kalita inaugurates The FERNS Society Library in Guwahati

 In a bid to help students and youth of the region by giving access to quality books and online educational resources and to inculcate casual reading habits, Guwahati based, The FERNS Society Library announced their service to the community today. Situated on the Kanaklata Path, Adingiri, this library was inaugurated by the MLA of West Guwahati, Shri Ramendra Narayan Kalita.

Presently more than 450 English and 250 Assamese books are made available for reading and lending purposes which comprise mainly textbooks of various subjects. Books from other categories like reference books or supplementary materials, novels, biographies and autobiographies, historical or religious texts, encyclopaedia, dictionaries, atlases, thesaurus, etc. are available in the library along with the daily newspapers, tabloids and magazines. Additionally, access to the British Council Digital Library is also made available for the readers and students.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA Shri Ramendra Narayan Kalita said: “This is a very nice initiative. The region has many meritorious students but because of financial constraints, many of them are unable to access additional research and reference books. This library will help these students and I hope that they will make maximum use of the vast variety of books available here.”

Shubhankar Baruah, Secretary of The FERNS Society said: “With a population of no less than 10,000 people, the Adingiri region does not have a public library, which compelled us to come up with this initiative. Reading habits in youth are seen disappearing in the youths today. A few who have the habit of reading find it difficult due to the lack of good libraries. The FERNS Society Library aims to satisfy all the needs of the readers.”

“This is just a beginning and based on the response we plan to introduce more books and study materials for the readers. The FERNS Society would like to extend their gratitude towards Late Sandeep Sharma from Eastern Book House and Saumitra Jogi, Aank Baak Prakashan, RJ Shubhankar from Big FM and other friends and enthusiasts for donating books. We seek their support in future as well,” added Basanta Ram Kalita, President of The FERNS Society.

The FERNS Society is a Guwahati based Non Government Organisation working for various social causes across the state. The Society has carried out multiple relief operations during the floods and during Covid-19 global pandemic induced lockdowns. They also work towards urban afforestation by both distribution of saplings and caring out Plantation programs from time to time.



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