Police thrash essential service provider, blame it on ‘misunderstanding’

GUWAHATI, June 29 – While the State government has reimposed lockdown in Guwahati to curb the spread of coronavirus, the police brutality on essential service providers has come to the fore on the first day of the 14-day lockdown here today.

A pump operator of the Water Resources department was “assaulted” by the police, while he was doing his duty at the Pump House near the Rajgarh Road bridge over river Bharalu today.

A source in the Water Resources department said, “An old employee of the Water Resources department was thrashed by a police this morning. There are altogether five people staying in the temporary shelter to look after the water pump at the Anil Nagar area. As the water of river Brahmaputra is rising, the running of these pumps is deemed very essential to avoid artificial flood in Guwahati.”

After the incident, pump operators of the department stopped all the pumps under them. However, the matter was resolved later.

A police source said that a patrolling team of the police beat them after seeing them in a group.

“The incident was happened only because of some misunderstanding. However, the matter was solved immediately,” the source said.

People selling milk, babyfood, medicines, and those engaged in water supply and emergency services like health, fire and law and order are allowed to carry out their services during the lockdown period.

However, milkmen in Maligaon and Bonda area had to resort to a protest today after they were disallowed to drive their vehicles to deliver milk. In the process, more than 200 litres of milk were wasted.

Source:Assam Tribune

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