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This Bus Combats Pollution As It Moves .

English NewsThis Bus Combats Pollution As It Moves .

United Kingdom’s largest bus and rail operator, the Go-Ahead Group, has launched a green bus that purifies air as it moves The Bluestar Bus comes with an attached filter which is manufactured by Pall Aerospace. The said filter removes ultrafine particles from the air and traps them as the bus moves through the streets. As part of a pilot project, the bus plies in Southampton, according to an official statement by Go-Ahead.

The operator’s Chief Executive David Brown said, “We want this pilot to show that buses should be looked at as not just the solution to congestion in cities, but also as a solution to the air quality problem.

“As the bus removes the ultrafine particles from the air as it travels along the route, it is helping solve the air quality problems of the city. This bus will clean the air on its route 1.7 times a year to a height of 10 metres-imagine the change we could make to air quality if all buses had this technology,” he elaborated.

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