Transport dept sets up FASTag counters

Following the Centre’s direction, the State Transport department has set up counters for FASTag, an electronic toll collection mechanism, in all the district transport offices, although it is currently not obligatory for the vehicles travelling within the State to opt for the facility.

Since there is no toll gate currently functioning in the State, the electronic toll collection system will only be applicable only when a vehicle travels outside the State.

However, as and when the government decides to reopen or set up new toll gates in the State, the system would soon become a must-have application for all the vehicles travelling through the route.

The Centre has recently made FASTag compulsory for all cars, jeeps, vans, buses, trucks and off-road vehicles (commercial and private), passing through toll booths on national highways with effect from December 1.

As per the direction, the vehicle owner or its driver would have to pay double the specified toll tax if he or she does not avail the facility.

A FASTag is a sticker containing an embedded chip and antenna which is affixed on a vehicle’s windscreen.

“It enables automatic collection of toll charges when the vehicle passes through a toll plaza without stopping the vehicle at the toll booth. It has details such as the vehicle class and the status of the tag and connected to bank account or online wallet of the vehicle owner to enable automatic deduction of charges,” a source in the Transport department said.

“As there are no functioning toll gates in the State, it is only mandatory for the vehicles which traverse through other states.

However, it is advisable to have the facility installed. From the direction of the Centre, the department has already set up counters for FASTag which are run by private parties. Vehicles owners can also get the tag at point of sale put by the NHAI at toll plazas besides approaching the DTO, banks and getting it synchronized,” he added.

Sources in the DTO Kamrup (Metro) said, “The toll gate at Doholapara near Bijni in Chirang district and Raha in Nagaon district will be reopened in a month’s time. If any vehicle fails to get the tag, they will have to pay double the toll fee. While altogether Rs 800 will be charged for the tag, the cost of recharge will be Rs 100. There will be other incidental fee as well.”(Assam Tribune)

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