Trump’s Ahmedabad visit: Air Force One to be accompanied by 7 other aircraft

AHMEDABAD: In a first, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International (SVPI) airport in Ahmedabad, will handle the arrival and departure of Air Force One – a Boeing 747 aircraft, as US President Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive in Ahmedabad around noon on February 24. The famed flying fortress that will fly President Trump and the US first lady, Melania Trump,will be accompanied by seven other aircraft to Ahmedabad.

Sources stated that a total of eight aircraft will arrive at the city airport. These include two Boeing 747 including the Air Force One, in addition to six cargo aircraft. The cargo aircraft are used to ferry the car in which the US president will travel, in addition to other logistics support and material that may be required.

The six cargo aircraft will include the Globe Master and Hercules cargo aircraft, which usually accompany the president on his foreign trips. Hercules is used to transport the presidential vehicles. Four cargo aircraft are expected to arrive in advance, whereas the remaining two will arrive on February 24, along with the two passenger aircraft.

American security agencies have been deployed to oversee the security of the US president.

Sources confirmed that the read more.

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